How to Proceed

Step One:

You will look through the properties we have listed here on our website (We do not purchase homes for people outside of our program). Once you have found a property you would like to see, we will give you access to the property to inspect it. Contact us when you are ready to make a home visit. All homes have a lock box on the front door, and access can be provided any day of the week during daylight hours.

Step Two:

Once you decide on a house, or if you have further questions, contact us online and a sales professional will work with you on the next steps. If you have already been working with a specific salesperson, please contact him or her directly.

You will fill out an application on the website once you have decided on a house. It is not necessary to fill out an application prior to your decision to purchase, and there is no charge to apply.

With the application, please provide proof of income (i.e. two months of bank statements), a copy of your driver's license and one other form of ID.

Step Three:

Once we receive your application and proof of financial eligibility, we will contact you to assist you in completing the transaction.

We will send you two contracts via email: 1) an option to purchase agreement and 2) a residential lease agreement. Please read them carefully; and if you have further questions, contact your sales professional. Once you have fully reviewed the contracts, print them and sign them, and make copies for yourself. Then, send the signed hard copies via overnight mail to our home office in Houston, Texas along with your Option Fee payment and first month's rent (cashier's check or money order only). Please make note of tracking numbers and other pertinent information regarding your payment.

Once we receive the signed contract and your payment, we will contact you so you can take possession of the home. Within a few days, your sales representative will email you a copy of the executed contract.